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My animation of Orlan: Strip-tease occasionnel avec les draps du trousseau, 1974-1975
The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s show comprised two floors of powerful and exciting images and films. The works have strong relevance for today’s cultural climate because, although these works were made forty odd years ago, women are still struggling with equal representation within both the ‘real’ world and the art world. Within the past two years, the battle for equal rights has invariably begun to regress with the rise of right-wing politics and the re-establishment of white patriarchal systems of control. This show represents more than a simple retrospective - the works on display are a reminder of the diversity of thought and vision within women’s artistic narratives and also demonstrate methods for creatively resisting patriarchal violence.

One unifying feature of the show was the intimate size of the work each artist produced (with a few exceptions). Each artist created art within their e…